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Windowfelt® Brand Weatherstrips

Nobody does weatherstrip like PUI Interiors! Each of our weatherstrip is hand molded to time tested patterns and dies to assure you perfect quality and fit each and every time. All the work of cutting, notching, bending, crimping, punching, and clipping has been done by our PUI professionals.

Each kit comes ready to install. Most kits are also available in either Standard or Original. Standard have what some folks like to consider “improvements” to the originals, or at the very least, modifications encouraged by design or materials. However, our Original Windowfelts® are produced with materials supplied to us by the original supplier to GM, and we custom order this material to match original specifications and profiles.

Those of you interested in keeping a 100-point car all original will want these. Regardless of Standard or Original, when it comes to PUI’s Windowfelt® brand replacement weatherstrips, there’s no imitation that even comes