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Seat Foam

Since 2008 PUI has worked to bring you an ever-expanding line of seat foam. We started with 1967-69 GM F-bodies and have expanded into GM A, B and X-Body Buckets, A-Body Benches, and even Mopars! Below you will find a list of basic applications for our lines of seat foam. If you have questions, call us or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to help!

Seat Foam

Don’t forget to check back often!  We are constantly adding new applications and will continue to list them here.

Seat Foam: Old vs. New:
If you are unsure about whether your original seat foam is still good enough to use for your restoration, take a look at this. In this video, we show you the difference between new upholstery over NEW foam and new upholstery over OLD foam. Take a look, you only want to cover your seats once don’t you?

Seat Foam, What You Need To Know:
Unsure about your original seat foam? Take a look here to see why you may need to replace it.

If you’d like to see pictures, please click on the applications below to see the image in a new window.

GM Applications


1967-69 F-Body Std/Dlx Buckets

1970 F-Body Std/Dlx Buckets

1971-81 Camaro Std Buckets

1978-81 Camaro Dlx Buckets

1971-81 Firebird Std/Dlx Buckets

1970-81 F-Body Molded Rear

1982-92 Camaro/Firebird Standard Highback

1982-83 Camaro LS “Couture” Lowback Buckets / Pacecar (Sold in PAIRS ONLY)

1984-92 Camaro Deluxe Lowback Buckets

1982-92 F-Body Molded Rear, Split and Solid Backrest


1964-72 A-body Buckets

1973-77 A-body Swivel Buckets

1964-67 A-Body Bench

1968-70 A-Body Bench(Backrest frames have springs)

1971-72 A-Body Bench

(Backrest frames do NOT havesprings, foam is very thick for support.)


1962-69 B-Body Buckets


1962-79 X-Body Buckets

1971-72 X-Body Bench


1978-88 G-Body High-back Buckets

1984-88 G-Body Buckets

GM Truck Applications


1969-70 (includes embedded wire for hog-ringing)

1971-75 (includes embedded wire for hog-ringing)

Mopar Applications

1960-71 A-Body Buckets

1960-74 B-Body Buckets

1960-65 C-Body Buckets

1970-71 E-Body Buckets

1971 E-Body Standard Buckets

1972-74 B-Body Buckets

Rear Seat Foam (Suitable for all NON-molded rear seat restorations and front and rear 4-door seat restorations