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PUI Deluxe Headliner Kits are your best bet because they include not only the pre-sewn headliner body, but also pre-assembled ear muffs (sail panels) where required. Standard Headliner Kits include the pre-sewn headliner, sail panel and visor material only.

PUI also manufactures headliners for later model F-body and G-body cars. These headliners feature ABS plastic substrate, instead of the original foam board that crumbles over the years, covered with foam-backed cloth or vinyl as original.

t-top headliner


Bow-Type Headliner
We get calls every day asking for advice on installing a bow-type headliner, so we wanted to put together a video showing what goes into putting one a car and why we recommend professional installation. We had to break this into two parts since it’s such and involved process. The first video shows the removal of the original headliner and prepping the car for the new one. The second video shows the installation and finishing.
Part 1 – Removal and Preparation

Part 2 – Installation and Finishing


Board-Type Headliner Installation:

Have questions about installing a board-type headliner like those in the Grand National, Camaros or El Caminos? This video shows a full installation of a t-top headliner in a 1992 Camaro, along with speaker covers and sun visors. Also watch this video for a spot about visors and why you do not need tension screws:


Board-Type Headliner Recovering Kit
Yet another new product that you’ve been asking for: Recovering Kits for Board-type headliners! This easy-to-install kit is a great alternative to purchasing a bread new ABS headliner if your fiberglass one is still in decent shape. Call your vendor about these kits today, they’re brand new!